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Apartments SA offers an exquisite, superior portfolio consisting of 4 & 5 star Apartments, Villa’s and Hotels situated throughout South Africa.Read More



Apartments SA:

Apartments SA is not just a property marketing company but is a Marketing Corporation whereby we have the ability to market any tangible product or service. Apartments SA is split into various divisions with the first being: Property Marketing Company, Online Travel Service (Tour Operator), Private Conference Organisers, Corporate Division, Marketing Division, Editorial Division, Service Marketing Division, Product Marketing Division and I.T Division. These various divisions will add up to what Apartments SA is about and with each full filling their own tasks and duties, it will add up to Apartments SA being a success in its own unique way.

“We are a young dynamic team with great potential”


Apartments SA Mission:

To provide accurate, reliable and honest information resulting in the best marketing strategies formulated. We promise to you as our valued client that no other strategy will be at any one time similar to any other end strategy we have provided.

Apartments SA Vision:

Working as one to create a surreal concept and design incorporating the uniqueness of Apartments SA – Property Marketing Company.

Apartments SA has various attributes which class us in a different league to any other marketing company. Our previous work experience contributes to the team’s ability to be able to assure the highest of quality results.

Apartments SA Aim:

Our aim is to have FUN, be STRATEGIC, ADD VALUE, be FLEXIBLE, be CREATIVE, CHALLENGE the norm & ENJOY the work.

The aim of Apartments SA is to provide the most unique strategies possible that will never be found elsewhere in the world giving us the power and authority to make the right decisions with the right attitude regarding the property at hand.

Key Strengths:

With the team of Apartments SA being carefully selected we guarantee to you as the client that we are the most highly motivated Property Marketing  team that you will come across at any one time. The team that makes Apartments SA so unique is self managed. The Apartments SA team consists of various individuals that come from different backgrounds thus giving us a tremendous advantage of cultural diversity within the team allowing each team member to be open to various and new ideas in dealing with certain situations. We believe that communication is the most important aspect within Apartments SA as it will ensure us that we achieve the absolute best results possible. As the client you should know that we are flexible and are going to be the most proactive group throughout South Africa.