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Apartments SA Paragliding:

For a truly unforgettable flying experience, requiring no experience and as little as 1 hour of your time, try an amazing Tandem flight! Nearly anyone can be flown. Easy starts from the mountains in and around Cape Town and safe landings on the beaches and winelands make an activity that’s not scary but can be adrenaline filled for those junkies requesting it! Ever dreamt of flying? This is for you!


Parapax is South Africa’s oldest established Tandem Paragliding company. Formed in 2001 as a registered adventure company and with 14 years full-time experience, we have over 12 000 accident-free flights.


As Cape Town’s most reputable company, we arrive on time to meet you, provide all that’s needed for an excellent flying experience and only fly when it’s safe to. Safety is our number 1 priority and we take no chances with anybody’s wellbeing.


All Parapax pilots hold officially (SAHPA) recognized licences. Our pilots are all internationally qualified and have vast experience. Some of our pilots even hold world records in paragliding, like Tom Erzen from Slovenia who flew for 8hrs25mins doing the world’s furthest out-and-return TANDEM flight - 158km! Extreme adventure, but worth it!


With Tandem Paragliding, as a passenger you require no previous knowledge of the sport at all. The pilot will give you instructions shortly before the flight.


With a few steps forward, take-offs are effortless and landings are soft. We mostly land on large fields or beaches (like Camps Bay) with no obstacles or dangers. We are even disabled friendly, having taken wheelchair-bound paraplegics, blind and deaf folks, children from as young as 6 years old and passengers up to 135kg in weight, so literally, almost anybody can fly with us!


For your memories


Parapax offers "In-flight photography and videography". Our pilots fly with a specially made wide-angled digital camera mounted on a retractable telescoping pole. Before takeoff, in flight and on landing, our pilots take photos and video of the passenger and the scenery. This captures the most amazing images and movies of the passengers in the paragliding harness and the landscapes below and around us. See below!


We then burn these onto a CD the moment we land. Cost is a nominal R200 as we want all our passengers to have a great memory of the flight!